International Soccer Association

UPSL Southeast Conference - Florida South - Division I


A focus on player preparation. The primary purpose of the team is player development. Our team trains 5 days per week (Monday thru Friday) so that our academy players are equipped with the confidence, strength, tactical understanding, and technical talent to start & play the full 90 minutes in national competitions in front of professional scouts.


Our coaches focus on teaching our players how to impact the score of games.


The academy plays the same formation and style of play system as the UPSL Pro Premier team to make the transition from Academy to UPSL swift. This was implemented by our Director of Coaching Roland Kollman.


Season after season in the UPSL Pro Premier, the club is proud to have gained the reputation for always having the youngest team in the league. The academy players use the game time to get accustomed to playing alongside & against professional players that impose a high level of intensity to the game & competition.




The primary purpose of the team is to showcase the talent of our academy players & affiliates. Our academy players are tasked with applying their training against the most successful UPSL Pro Premier teams around. With our system professional scouts, coaches, & agents can easily compare the academy player’s talent against current professional players, resulting in a realistic evaluation.


The club is proud to provide local academy players with what they deserve, the credibility of playing in national competitions like the UPSL & US Open Cup, making the player marketable & valuable to domestic & international professional clubs.


The 2020 Summer Season sees our academy players going hard against Florida Soccer Soldiers, Miami Sun FC, Haleigh City FC, and many more powerhouse teams from outside of Palm Beach County. Regardless of the age differences our players will play their game and give it their all as a true test of their development, maturity, potential, & overall understanding of the game.